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Impact Door Types

Impact Door Types

Hurricane impact windows and doors come in a range of types available to consumers. Each is designed to be energy efficient, save you money and to enhance the beauty of your home. The impact windows and doors that we offer at USA Windows and Doors are engineered and installed with safety and protection of your family and home at the top of our priority list. We live in South Florida so we want to make sure that you are protected to the best of our ability during a storm or severe weather event. We sleep well at night knowing that we’re installing the highest quality products in your home.  

We have a full suite of products designed to enhance your home from French Doors, Sliding Glass Doors, Impact Doors, Balcony or Patio Doors and Cabana Doors. No matter which door you pick for your home, we offer the best quality and will make sure our experts on staff are the ones who will do the installation without subcontracting the work out. Our expertise and ability to come to your home locally and do the job right is what you can depend on when you’re looking to do business with us. We are licensed, insured and ready to service your home or business no matter how large the project.  Windows and doors are our specialty and we want to make sure you are informed about all of the options, know the characteristics of each, feel safe in the design and protection it will provide your home, and most of all we want you to be happy with this upgrade to your home.

How Much Energy Impact Windows Can Help You Save?

Do leaky windows drive up household energy costs? The answer to that question is a resounding yes.

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, “ Heat gain and heat loss through windows are responsible for 25%-30% of residential heating and cooling energy use.” That means that every day you’re paying for hours of climate control that’s literally going out the window.


Some of the biggest causes of drafty windows are poor installation, deteriorating seals, single-pane construction, and worn frames. For many, the best solution to these very common issues is upgrading to energy efficient impact windows. The Department of Energy estimates that switching from single-paned windows to ENERGY STAR® – certified double-paned, clear-glass windows can bring annual savings between $126-$465 nationally, depending on the region.


However, finding the right energy efficient window for your home can really depend on where you live. For example, certain frame types, glazing’s, and insulation options might work better for some homes than others. There are also a few other things to look for and consider to make sure you’re getting the biggest bang for your buck.


This symbol indicates that your windows either meet strict energy efficiency standards and exceed local energy-code requirements. ENERGY STAR® products are independently tested and certified.

National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC) Rating

NFRC ratings allow you to compare energy efficient impact windows and doors by providing multiple energy performance ratings. This includes how well a product prevents heat from escaping a room, resists unwanted heat gain from the exterior, and effectively lights your home with natural daylight. It also rates how much air will leak into and out of a room.

High-performance Low-E

Low-emissivity glass is an option for energy efficient impact windows. Its benefit is that it minimizes the amount of ultraviolet light allowed through the glass and reflects heat to keep it outside your home.

Glass Tints

Tints can mitigate the amount of heat coming into your home. They often come in a variety of hues, from bronze to blue.

Argon Gas

Filling energy efficient windows with gas provides effective insulation. This feature is often paired with Low-E coatings.

Solar Program Helps Florida Homeowners Save $1,000’s in Electricity Costs

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