Impact Windows Can Impact Windows Withstand A Category 5 Storm?

Can Impact Windows Withstand Category 5?

Engineers have designed and refined impact windows over the years to withstand hurricanes and other harsh weather.  This is the main feature of impact windows and these types of windows provide excellent protection and safety when compared to other types of windows that you may be considering for an upgrade to your home.  Installing impact windows can drastically lower your chance of catastrophic damage to your home. Hurricane impact windows have been engineered and developed to the point that they are able to withstand category 5 wind and debris. These windows are tested over and over for strength and quality so that we can put before you the best products available with the comfort of knowing how protected you will be if you install these types of windows on your home.  Impact resistant windows are also resistant and not proof.  In a category 5 hurricane there is a chance that there could be damage to the windows but through testing we know that these are the strongest on the market for protection against such a storm.  An added feature to impact windows is not just their strength but the way they are engineered.  Hurricane impact windows have a thin coating over the glass to protect against glass shattering and causing more damage.

Each window is also rated so you have an idea of what level of safety they are characterized by. They have a few ratings and one of the ratings is a DP (design pressure) rating which indicates the windows resistance to wind pressure and water penetration.  The higher the number, the better the window is in resisting these forces.  PG ratings are another rating scale that indicates if an impact window is sound and this PG rating is here to factor it’s structural integrity.  When you have both of these numbers you have a better idea of the strength and safety of a window. The higher the rating, the better the window is in structural integrity as well as the ability to withstand water or wind.

If you would like to learn more about the impact windows that we carry and what may be right for your home then please contact us by phone or form and we would be happy to answer any questions you may have regarding impact windows or doors.  When identifying what windows or doors you might want for your home there are many considerations and our experts are knowledgeable and can help you the entire way through the process of selection and installation.