Impact Windows Can Impact Windows Stop a Bullet?

Can Impact Windows Bulletproof?

Before going into this article I want to make it perfectly clear that you should not test this out in any way and the information written in these articles are for information purposes only and not intended for anything other than knowledge sharing.  With that said, not every window is created equal and impact windows are built to withstand wind and debris.  The goal of the window is not to stop bullets so it shouldn’t be tested as such.  Bullet-resistant glass is often thicker than impact window glass and is designed in different ways with that purpose in mind.  The hurricane windows designed to stop projectiles in hurricane winds are treated with a laminate to stop the glass from shattering but not to stop a bullet.  So to answer the question, impact windows are not bulletproof.

If you are researching bulletproof glass vs impact windows you have to consider the use case. Living in South Florida, we have a season dedicated to hurricanes and upgrading your home to install hurricane windows will protect against high winds, debris from the storm, and provide safety and security from storm related threats.  However, bullets are not storm related threats and there is a different solution to that problem.  If you are looking to upgrade the windows on your home, our expert staff are able to give you the information you need to make an informed decision on what windows are right for your home.  There are tons of styles which you can choose from and our windows are energy efficient.  We use the best materials and our expert staff does all of the installation ourselves without subcontracting work out to other companies.  We provide top of the line products with expert staff to inform and install while delivering it to you at an amazing price. 
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