Impact Windows Are Impact Windows Worth The Money

Are Impact Windows Worth The Money?

When you’re making the decision to upgrade the windows and doors in your home there are many things to consider.  Your home is an investment and making good economic decisions that will have a lasting impact on energy efficiency, aesthetics and safety and protection of your family and home just makes sense.  During a storm, the protection and safety you get from installing impact resistant windows and doors is priceless. 

Protecting your family and home is paramount and we deliver products and services that ensure that safety.  Price is going to be one of those considerations as well and as with any purchase, you should know what you are paying for and make an informed decision as to why this is the right buy for your home. 

USA Windows and Doors offer some of the lowest prices in South Florida for both our windows and door products which is a huge bonus for someone shopping around for the best price.  In addition to the sticker price, you also will get expert knowledge, installation done by our team and years of experience which will translate into the project being done right the first time. 

Aside from the service side and price considerations, the windows and doors provide huge energy savings that translate into real dollars each month.  Some homes see an average of $125-$450 per year in energy costs by replacing single-pane windows with double-pane impact windows.  You can also save on homeowners insurance with impact windows which is just more money directly into your pocket. 

Whether it be energy efficient savings, homeowner’s insurance savings or the safety and protection of your family and home, it’s clear that impact windows and doors are worth the money and peace of mind and upgrading your home is always a good idea.