Impact Windows Are Impact Windows Required In Florida?

Are Impact Windows Required In Florida?

When building a new home or upgrading your windows to a more modern look and feel, there are things to consider.  One of those considerations might be a question like, “Are impact windows a requirement if I live in Florida?”  If you are unfamiliar with building codes in Florida, it “requires windows to be impact-resistant or protected if located within one mile of the coast where the wind speed is 110 mph or greater.”  Windows have many functions aside from the gorgeous Florida views.  Windows allow light to enter a space, reduce heat, provide protection from wind or debris, be energy efficient and provide safety and security.  There are many things to take into account when picking the right window in terms of style and functionality but you also have to take into account regulations of your local state to ensure you’re abiding by local law. 

After Hurricane Andrew, we now know windows are a key entry point for wind and debris so the Florida Building Code now requires windows be resistant to wind and debris if you live near the shore.  Even if your home isn’t directly on the coast, it’s a great idea to protect your home and family with precautions such as upgrading your windows to newer and more efficient impact windows.  If you are in a High Velocity Hurricane Zone close to the coast you may also be provided and required to install shutters or impact resistant windows to protect against wind-borne debris caused by storms.  All of these regulations and requirements are put in place to keep your home protected and safe.

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